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LZY-S ( Flake Type )

Ingredient: NON-GMO soybean Protein: 50.0%-65.0% Moisture: ≤13.0% Ash: ≤8.0%


Textured Soy/Vegetable Protein


Product Description

Textured soy/vegetable protein is made from high quality and non GMO soybean with high protein, no fat; and cholesterol free.lt is similar to the texture of muscle fiber which is excellent in water binding and oil holding. Products can be safe to replace all kinds of animal meat due to the high nutritional content.Mainly used in vegan foods, meat and sausage, ham, meatballs, recombinant steak, fried chicken nuggets, Hamburg, chopped meat in dumplings, chafing dish, hot spicy dip, leisure food and etc.
Our mainly products are: flake type(LZY-S、LZY-LR、LZY-C), ball type(LZY-Q), strip type(LZY-T), block type (LZY-D), columnar type(LZY-Z) and schistose type(LZY-P)etc. We can also produce colored TVP according to the client' s requirement.

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