What are the methods for incorporating soy protein into meat products?

Release time:

09 Oct,2019

Adding soy protein to meat products can give food a meaty taste and reduce food costs.So, what are the methods for incorporating soy protein into meat products?

Generally speaking, there are four main ways to incorporate soy protein into meat products:

1. Injection method.This method is commonly used in the manufacture of ham. Soy protein isolate and soy protein concentrate are dissolved in the marinade (brine) and added by injection. The protein is evenly distributed in the meat and the effect is good.

2. Dry method.It is about to be added evenly in the dry material state at the beginning of the chopping, kneading, and stirring process of protein products. It is necessary to remind everyone that the fat must be added to the meat products before the fat.

3. Hydration method.Taking soy protein isolate products as an example, 1 part of soy protein isolate and 3 parts of water are fully hydrated to make the hydrate reach a paste, and then add to the product.Protein hydration is generally completed by high-speed dispersing (emulsifying) device and chopping and mixing method.

4. Rehydration and fishy removal method.This method is mainly suitable for organizing soybean protein concentrate and soybean brushed protein products. That is, before the protein is added to meat products, the protein products are soaked in water at about 40℃ for rehydration, and then cleaned and dried for production.