Pork is too expensive, artificial meat is on fire

Release time:

09 Oct,2019

When domestic pork prices soared and ribs cost 68 yuan a catty, the American artificial meat company announced that it would make a big move into the Chinese market.On September 4th, Patrick Brown, founder and CEO of Impossible Foods, revealed when he participated in the forum in China that he wanted to enter the mainland Chinese market next year.

Coincidentally, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, domestic consumers will usher in the first artificial meat moon cake.Entrepreneurs are eager to try, capital is also secretly laid out, and some VC institutions have quietly taken action.“We have completed tens of millions of angel rounds of financing, and the investors are all domestic VCS, but it is not convenient to disclose at this time.”The head of the marketing department of an artificial meat company revealed to the investment community (ID: pedaily2012).This company has just been established for only 4 months.

But more venture capital institutions are still on the sidelines.“The industry is very lively, but there are few truly valuable companies.”An investor in Shanghai who studies artificial meat products said that he has been researching for a long time and has seen many start-up companies, but he has not yet made a move.