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CSP 520

Ingredient: NON-GMO soybean Protein(in dry base): ≥65.0% Moisture: ≤9.0% Ash: ≤8.0% Fat: ≤1.0% Appearance: Cream white fine powder, mild smell


Concentrated Soy Protein


Product Description

It is a product specially developed and produced for animal feed industry. the product has high amino acid content aids digestion, While antigen content are low. Suitable into animal feed especially beneficial to young animal' s growth.
Concentrated Soy Protein is similar with ISP in function, and then it can replace Isolated Soybean Protein. But it has lower price, so it can help food manufacturers to improve the product quality and reduce the cost. It has a good foreground in the food field. It is widely used in meat produce, fried food, milk, drink and toast food.

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